Hawker's Corner

Gol Gappe

“Hands –on” street food! -Crispy hollow balls stuffed with delicious fillings, tamarind/ mint chutneys and served with spiced mint water. MUST TRY!
$  5.90

Dahi Puri

Crispy cracker balls stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas then served with yoghurt, sweet & tangy tamarind and mint chutneys.
$  7.90

Samosa Chaat

Oh Mighty Parcels! – North Indian fried parcels filled with potatoes & peas , drizzled with sweet yoghurt, zesty tamarind & mint chutneys on a bed of spiced chickpeas.
$  9.90

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crispy potato & green pea patties served with freshly chopped onions, tomato& coriander-served with yoghurt, tamarind & mint chutneys on a bed of spiced chickpea.
$  8.90

Dahi Bhalla Chaat

Skinny Girl Choice- Feather light lentil dumplings served with yoghurt, zesty tamarind and mint chutneys.
$  7.90

Veg Noodle

Noodles stir fried with broccoli, bokchoi, peas, capsicum, onion, carrot in a sate sauce.
$  7.90

Papri Chaat

Zingy Indian Nachos- Flour crackers topped with diced potatoes, yoghurt, spices then served with spicy and sweet tamarind and mint chutneys.
$  6.90

Vegetarian Entrees

Served with either mint or tamarind chutney

Chilli Chesse

Cottage cheese stir fried with onions, capsicum and homemade fusion sauce.
$  10.90 E $14.90 M

Gobi Manchurian

Batter fried cauliflower florets tossed in lndo chinese sauce.
$  9.90 E $14.90 M

Veg Samosa (NF)

Triangle pastries with potato and peas filling
$  7.90

Onion Bhaji (NF)

Onion fritters coated with chickpea batter
$  7.90

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras (NF)

Fresh vegetables coated with chickpea batter, crispy fried
$  7.90

Tandoori Broccoli/Mushroom (GF) (NF)

Broccoli/Mushroom with special yoghurt marinade finished in clay oven
$  9.90

Fire balls (for chilli lovers) (NF)

Potato and cheddar cheese balls in an oriental spicy sauce
$  9.90

Non-Vegetarian Entrees

Served with either mint or tamarind chutney

Mutton Tikka

Mustard spiced yoghurt marinated French Loin cutlets cooked in tandoor.
$  14.90 E $21.90 M

Tandoori Chicken

Overnight seasoned free range chicken tenderized with yoghurt and spices, cooked in clay oven.
$  11.90 E $17.90 M

Chicken Tikka (GF)

Traditional punjabi speciality marinated with mild spices and yoghurt, cooked in clay oven.
$  11.90 E $16.90 M

Sheekh Kebab (GF)

Spiced minced lamb and chicken cooked in tandoor with skewers.
$  10.90 E $16.90 M

Tangdi Kebab (GF)

Tender, succulent chicken drumsticks, marinated in special blend of spices and slow cooked in the tandoor till the meat falls off the bone.
$  10.90 E $16.90 M

Fish Pakora

Amritsari favourite crispy fried fish marinated with Indian spices.
$  12.90 E $19.90 M

Tandoori Ginga (Prawns)(GF) (NF)

Prawns marinated with spices, cooked in a clay oven, finished with spiced garlic butter.
$  16.90 E $25.90 M

Heaven Platter’s for Two

Mix Platter

Chicken tikka, Tangdi kebab, Onion bhaji, Vegetable samosa
$  22.00

Tandoori Platter

Chicken tikka, Seekh kebab, Mutton tikka, Tangdi kebab
$  24.00

Mains - Vegetarian

Dal Makhani (GF) (NF)

Split lentils cooked in a thick cream sauce with an array of spices and finished with dried fenugreek leaves.
$  12.90

Dal Tadka (Vegan)

Yellow lentils cooked with aromatic spices, tempered with cumin seeds, turmeric, garlic and dried whole red chilli.
$  11.90

Malai Kofta

Cottage cheese filled potato dumplings, lightly fried and simmered in a tomato butter sauce topped with roasted slivered almonds.
$  13.90

Saag Paneer / Aloo (GF) (NF)

Select cuts of Indian Cheese or potato cooked in mustard leaves and spinach puree, finished with finely chopped ginger.
$  14.90

Aloo Gobhi (GF) (NF)

Cauliflower and potatoes pan fried in a tomato, onion, ginger and spiced sauce.
$  12.90

Mix Veg Curry

Combination of seasonal vegetables cooked in fresh herbs, tomatoes, spices & cream.
$  12.90

Pumpkin Madras (Vegan)

South Indian speciality of pumpkin cooked in coconut based gravy with a hint of spices, mustard and curry leaves.
$  13.90

Kadai Paneer (GF) (NF)

Cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, tomato and exotic spices.
$  14.90

Eggplant Aloo (GF) (NF)

Baby eggplant cooked with roasted mustard seeds and tomatoes.
$  13.90

Chana Masala (Vegan)

Chickpeas cooked in a blend of Indian spices, tomatoes and onions.
$  12.90

Paneer Tikka Masala

Diced cottage cheese cooked in a delicious creamy tomato sauce.
$  15.90

Shahi Paneer

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with dry fruit, cream, fresh herbs & spices.
$  15.99

Mushroom Matar Paneer

Mushroom and Peas tossed with Onions, garlic and seasoned.
$  15.90

Jeera Aloo (Vegan)

Diced potatoes tossed with cumin seeds and pounded spices.
$  12.90

Non-Vegetarian Mains

Asian Prawn (GF) (NF)

Prawns cooked in rich tamarind, tomato, garlic and coriander. A coastal speciality.
$  20.90

Fish / Prawn Malabar (GF) (NF)

Fish fillet/Prawn cooked in an exotic combination of tomatoes, herbs, coconut milk and spices reduced to aromatic gravy.
$  19.90

Fish / Prawn Masala (GF) (NF)

Fresh fish/Prawn cooked in a traditional coastal style medium-hot curry.
$  19.90

Prawn Vindaloo (GF) (NF)

Prawn cooked in vindaloo sauce with homemade different type of chillies, poppy seeds, and lots more.
$  20.90

Beef Rendang (GF) (NF)

Indonesian speciality medium spiced beef chunks stew with coconut milk, chilli gravy and lemon grass.
$  15.90

Thai Green Chicken Curry (GF) (NF)

Thai speciality with coconut cream, Asian spices, lemon grass, fresh green chillies, coriander, broccoli and snow peas.
$  15.90

Duck Malai

Meaty duck shanks gently cooked in a cashew, onion and tomato sauce mildly spiced.
$  21.90

Chef Special Chicken Curry (GF) (NF)

Medium spiced onion tomato based sauce with chef’s special ingredients.
$  17.90

Beef Kaduwala (GF) (NF)

Mildly spice beef curry with pumpkin a touch of coconut.
$  15.90

Butter Chicken

Succulent pieces of free range chicken cooked in a creamy butter based sauce with capsicum, onions, and fresh tomatoes.
$  15.90

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, cheese, mild spices cooked in the tandoor oven sliced and tossed in a mild butter sauce.
$  15.90

Chicken /Beef Vindaloo (GF) (NF)

Chunks of Chicken/ Beef cooked in vindaloo sauce with homemade different type of chilies, poppy seeds, and lots more.
$  15.90

Chicken / Lamb Korma

Tender chicken/Lamb cooked in creamy sauce flavored with ground cashew nut.
$  15.90

Chicken /Lamb Saag (GF) (NF)

Tender Chicken/Lamb cooked with spinach, mustard seed and fenugreek.
$  15.90

Chicken /Beef Madras (GF) (NF)

Pieces of Chicken/Beef cooked with madras spices and coconut cream.
$  15.90

Lamb Rogan Josh (GF) (NF)

Cubes of lamb slowly cooked with tomatoes and kashmiri spices.
$  15.90

Goat Curry (GF) (NF)

Tender goat meat on the bone slow cooked in a traditional medium spicy sauce.
$  17.90


Lamb / Chicken Biryani

Succulent Lamb/ Chicken in Brown onion, mint, yoghurt gravy in saffron scented long grain slow cooked basmati rice.
$  14.90

Vegetable Biryani

Mixed vegetables in Brown onion, mint, yoghurt gravy in saffron scented long grain slow cooked basmati rice.
$  10.90

Oriental Vegetable Fried Rice

Basmati rice tossed in mix veggies, sauce and seasoning.
$  7.90

Steamed Rice

Traditional kernels of long grained steamed Basmati rice.
$  3.50 S
$5.00 L

Kashmiri Rice

Saffron Rice with dried fruits and nuts.
$  4.50 S
$6.00 L

Saffron Rice

Saffron scented long grain Basmati rice.
$  3.50 S
$5.00 L

Indian Breads

All breads are cooked in a Clay oven only.

Stuffed Naan Basket

Keema Naan, Chicken Tikka Naan, Onion Garlic Naan.
$  12.90

Cheesy Basket

Assortment of Chilli Cheese, Garlic Cheese, Cheese Naan.
$  11.90

Indian Bread Basket

Assortment of Garlic Naan, Cheese Naan, Plain
$  10.90

Lachha Paratha

Multi layered whole wheat bread.
$  4.50

Keema Naan

Minced meat stuffed in Indian bread.
$  4.50

Chicken Tikka Naan

Chicken tikka, onions stuffed in Indian bread.
$  4.50

Chilli Cheese Naan

Leavened bread stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and chilli.
$  4.50

Garlic Cheese Naan

Leavened bread stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and garlic
$  4.50

Vindaloo Naan

Leavened bread topped up with our vindaloo chutney.
$  4.50

Cheese Naan

Stuffed Mozzarella cheese in a leavened bread
$  4.00

Kashmiri Naan

Leavened bread with dried fruits and nuts
$  4.00

Garlic Naan

Leavened bread topped with dried garlic and butter
$  3.50

Plain Naan

Leavened bread with butter
$  3.00

Tandoori Roti

Made with Whole Wheat flour
$  3.00


Onion Salad

$  4.90

Cucumber Salad

Onion, Cucumber, tomato, carrot with Indian dressing.
$  5.90

Masala Pappadum

Thin Crispies topped with chopped onions, tomato and coriander
$  5.90


Cool grated cucumber with yoghurt and cumin
$  4.00


Thin disc shaped Crisps
$  3.50

Mango Chutney

$  2.50

Mixed Pickle

$  2.50

Mint Chutney

$  2.50

Tamarind Chutney

$  2.50


Mango Lassi

$  5.00

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

$  6.00

Coke Can

$  4.00

Coke zero Can

$  4.00

Coke diet Can

$  4.00

Fanta Can

$  4.00

Lemonade Can

$  4.00

Solo Can

$  4.00

1.25L Coke

$  5.50

1.25L Coke zero

$  5.50

1.25L Coke diet

$  5.50

1.25L Fanta

$  5.50

1.25L Spirit

$  5.50


Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with sizzling chocolate sauce.
$  6.90

Gulab Jamun

Sweet dumplings dipped in sweet rose syrup served with Vanilla Ice Cream.
$  5.90

Pistachio Kulfi

Traditional home made Indian Ice cream.
$  4.90

Mango Kulfi

Traditional home made Indian Ice cream.
$  4.90

Almond Kulfi

Traditional home made Indian Ice cream.
$  4.90

Chocolate Naan with Ice Cream

$  6.90

Our Deals

Deal For One

1 Main Course, 1 Plain Naan, 1 Small Rice, Pappadum
$  19.00

Deal for Two

Mix Veg Pakora, 2 Main Course, 2 Plain Naan, Large Rice, Raita, Pappadum
$  39.00

Family Feed

Chicken Tikka/Mix Veg Pakora, 2 Veg Main Course, 2 Non Veg Main Course, 2 Large Rice, 4 Plain Naan, Raita, Pappadum
$  69.00
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